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Wish This World Was Different (Poetry Lyrics)

We are all children of society,
Not yet aware that we have the lessons for the variety,
Taking chances,
While receiving these strange glances,
From a injust being,
Not overseeing,
The real meaning.
Of our God given goal,
Never to be told,
So we choose to affect your soul,
Through the process,
Get inside my head reviewing the unanimous objects,
That increase the since of knowing,
Always showing,
No plan on dethroning,
Another man’s kingdom.
For we are all equal.
But as I choose to repent,
I realized you can’t tell a **** ****,
Unless it involves a dead white man on paper or words from a pulpit.
These strange times,
Has long been revealed through the grapevine,
We just need more time.
Steady striving,
Boldly diving.
Into the depths of the unknown,
Still haven’t found our way home.
Righteous the man that follows gods path,
Evil is the man that feels God wrath.
Ignorant demons,
Got my mind scheming,
The body and the mind got my soul clinging.
Wise words From the unheard
Who choose to fight with action and verbs,
The power of spoken word