A short documented film that gives an inside look of an Reggio Inspired Infant Classroom at The Willow School in Decatur,Georgia. This film shows the activities, day to day routines, the growth of the infants through time, and the wonderful connections they have with their caregivers.

This film is Documented, Produced, and Edited by : Jahi Minkah Trotter

For More Info On The School:



(Three students are forced to have a threapy session with Dr.Rossenburg to discuss their problems and to find out what is really bothering them. Little do they know that they are interacting with each other and are more closer than they think.)

Starring: Ryan Wagstaff, Quinton Cockwell, Jahi Trotter, Kurstyn Jolly, Megan McCarty
Written and Directed By: Jahi Trotter
SpoiledMindz Productions
Copyright 2014 (All Rights Reserved)

Jahi discovers the true meaning of “bros before hoes” when his good friend Deon sets him up on a double date and cause a few disruptions.


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