You Own Spoken Words


Klassic Ent

Jahi Trotter, wow. Wow is all I can say when I listened to his poetry. Jahi Trotter is a Spoken word artist who delivers the unspoken truth and that’s what I like to hear.


After listening to his poem “Delicate Flower,” I proceeded to listen to the next poem and the poem after that. His poetry puts you in a trance and you’re hypnotized by not only his voice but his words. Its like a drug, extremely addicting. I felt like I was pulled into a “Love Jones” scene listening to his poetry. “Fame” and “American Hustle” were the two poems that had me hooked these two poems are poems that this generation need to listen too. Because they are so captivated on only fame and living the American dream they don’t have their own. So maybe listening to a little Jahi Trotter will give them a little guidance on how to view…

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